Welcome to our donation page. The donations go towards our cost to run everything. MSG Repo on Discord or email at anirecode @

to make sure the donation has gone through. Messages and emails checked daily.

Amount Raised this Month: Olimometer 2.52$0

If you want to donate via crypto coin please send to :

LiteCoin: LcgCVBEA8HCp6x8G17agJnMehA5SrzwMXb


Ethereum: 0x204d02094d931b2e696ded237ef01eff24b37bf4

DigiCoin: D7zRr8zSRReA8UT7xYGxpaBfGZXv6yMwe3

Dash: XcLCscUhDrEm8U5Vc124QNSfiXZf57RvM4

DogeCoin: D5Dubh8NtUmwSxqCvF2XFNG8jDbFyhMwVz

If any other coin please email me and ill send you the address.


Don’t have anything to donate? But you still want to? use this small GUI to start crypto mining  by using your CPU Just click the Start mining and leave the page open. When your done just click stop and close the page. Any mined crypto will be donated to RepoAnime.

Avg 2cents per 10million hashes